Our Favorite Halloween Movies

October 31st, 2019

Flicks that make Big Monocle say boo — but in a good way.

OK, full disclosure, to say these are our favorite Halloween movies may be overstating it. A better title might be “Halloween movies we’ve watched recently,” or that traumatized us in our childhoods. Oh, and one isn’t a movie, it’s a TV show. Deal with it.

In the Tall Grass

Dillon: I don’t watch too many spooky movies, but one I watched recently is In The Tall Grass, on Netflix. Based on the Stephen King book. I wouldn’t say I liked it very much but it was a thriller for sure.


Jeff: We usually watch this every year at my house. It’s based on the Roald Dahl book, and is pretty much what a Wes Anderson Halloween movie would be, if he made one. Made for kids, deeply disturbing, and maximally entertaining.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Carly: I always watch Nightmare Before Christmas! And then I watch it again… at Christmas. I haven’t decided which holiday it fits in with more. I also started watching What We Do in the Shadows, the show. Watched the first episode and it was hysterical!! Then I got 3 episodes in and kind of lost interest in the storyline, but it’s based on a movie which I haven’t seen and I’m guessing it’s fabulous. Maybe I’ll watch that tonight!

Ghost Adventures

Mayra: I’ve just been watching Ghost Adventures bc reality tv spooks me. There was one we just watched where the ghost of a pregnant nun haunted a Utah mountain retreat and it was 10/10 😂

Watcher in the Woods, Lady in White

Amy: I don’t like scary movies, but for some reason a few creepy movies were always picked for slumber parties when I was in elementary school. They are legit creepy and deal with molestation, murder, incest, and abuse. To this day I don’t like to watch these and I don’t know why on earth they became a go-to for 5th and 6th graders. See also:

The Lady In White

Flowers in the Attic