Why does this work so well?

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Get everyone’s fingerprints on it. Get everyone’s best effort. It’s everyone’s baby.


Get the boulder over the summit early, then it’s all downhill. And way more fun.


Everyone leaves with an agreement on what the finish line looks like. Otherwise, it’s death by a thousand cuts.


Thrash it out at the beginning. Everyone gets their say and leaves actually wanting the same thing.

How we get the stage

Remove distractions

Your phones, calendars, and emails won’t help you here. We’ll turn it all off.

Off-site freshness

We find a neutral environment conducive to creativity and focus.

Striking balance

This will be hard work, but we’ll also play hard.

Everything is fuel

Every detail is planned and designed to fuel our tanks. Especially the food.

“Big Monocle went above and beyond with our rebrand sprint. They deliver consistently awesome work with grace and poise — so skillfully crafted that once we launched the rebrand our Board of Directors and investors were asking who our agency was.”

Krishna R., SiMa.ai

“I never expected for so many insights to come out of a 2 day sprint.”

Garr S., Ranlife

“After burning through cash with a hodgepodge of contractors we finally did a brand sprint with Big Monocle — which is what we should have done first. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

Melissa S., Ethik


Process Accordions

We believe we can get the job done 10x faster while still maintaining award-winning quality, but it only works if you’re willing to pay the price to disconnect for a few days.
We highly recommend it. Could all of this be done in a conference room? Sure. Is that the environment most likely to produce the most focused, thorough, outcome? Not a chance.
Do our top executives need to attend? If they care how this project turns out, they need to be there. That may even mean your CEO.
We have a reputation to uphold. In our experience, to get the best results requires a little sacrifice of time at the outset. This is the way.


We’re ready for your toughest brand and business challenge.