Are you #ClickSmart? We’ll teach you how to become a Click Wizard.

Let’s face it, at some point you’ve found yourself panicking because you clicked a bad link. We have too. That’s why we created the #ClickSmart campaign – a helpful web experience that educates users how to avoid bad links. As part of the #ClickSmart campaign, we teamed with Greg Benson to film the “Caramel Apple vs Onion” prank. Watch the video and see if you would have guessed correctly.




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How to become a Click Wizard

A Click Wizard is not fooled by pesky links or flimsy counterfeits, a Click Wizard knows his way around the internet like a bald eagle knows its way through the glimmering clouds of heaven. A Click Wizard commands the internet to obey.

How does one become a “Click Wizard”, you ask? Follow our helpful flowchart below to see if you’re qualified.