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Convoi is building a community of high-achieving leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives through hand-crafted adventures in cities all over the world. The goal of a Convoi trip is to break down barriers between people in comfortable and authentic ways so deep, lasting friendships can form. Convoi obsessively crafts their experiences to be unforgettable, and they asked Big Monocle to do the same for their website and brand identity. We helped them define a target audience and then developed a messaging framework that captures their playful and adventurous spirit. Then we chose images, textures, and colors inspired by past Convoi adventures — showcasing once-in-a-lifetime experiences and connections that come with a Convoi trip. After working with them, we were tempted to join Convoi and experience one of these adventures for ourselves. After all, how could you say no to this amazing testimonial: With Convoi you get all the perks of a cult. None of the messy cleanup.




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