Giving a face to eBay’s employee-led diversity groups.

In our experience, there are few companies in Silicon Valley that devote as much time, consideration, and resources to Diversity and Inclusion than eBay. Beyond a moral necessity, eBay sees D&I as “the foundation of our business model” and absolutely critical to their ability to thrive in an increasingly competitive global landscape. One way eBay achieves this is with Communities of Inclusion — employee-led groups that promote a culture of belonging at both eBay and StubHub. Their communities might focus on age, disability status, ethnicity, gender, religion, military status, parental status, sexual orientation, or gender identity and expression. With chapters all over the world, their communities provide a safe space for employees to discuss topics and participate in activities. Most important, all of their employees are welcome. But when it came to branding, eBay’s COIs were relying on makeshift logos that varied widely in quality, consistency, and branding. It was time to level up, and invest in their COIs with logos that were suitable for t-shirts, events, promotional items, the eBay website, and more. With that brief in hand, we got to work. We collaborated with these communities to create an official COI logo system to represent their unique identities, while fitting into the larger Community of Inclusion umbrella. We took cue from the main eBay branding, with a focus to a grid system, creating a 3×4 grid to develop each logo within. We then defined color palettes, taken from the larger brand palette, for each community to further personalize their branding. Each group now has a unique brand to market themselves, while fitting together as the Communities of Inclusion.




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