Putting the human back in human resources.

When eBay renamed their HR department the People Team, it was because they wanted to reinvent HR at eBay. Why? HR is no fun. It consists of impersonal, nuts and bolts transactions. Unlike HR, the People Team are empowered as designers — and guardians — of the employee experience. Their passion is to replace traditional HR transactions with frictionless, uplifting experiences for eBay employees. Period. But like the old Bard says, a rose by any name smells the same. Evolving HR at eBay requires more work than just changing a name. There was an emotional connection missing around what the People Team could offer employees. eBay came to Big Monocle to craft a consistent and compelling People Team brand that could embody this mission, unify their team, and increase their visibility in the workplace. To position the People Team for future success, we needed to answers to some fundamental questions about the brand. In our three day executive workshop, we experimented with core ideas to determine what truly matters to the People Team. And just as important, what doesn’t. When our work with the People Team came together — processes, creative, messaging — it was clear the new brand was something the entire People Team could stand behind, feel good about, and execute on. With a launch strategy in hand, eBay quickly flowed the rebrand into company communications and employee trainings. So far, the reviews have been glowing.




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