Films that change people. People that change the world.

When Abigail Disney started her film production company nine years ago, she let her youngest daughter choose the name: Fork. And that’s how Fork Films, now a powerhouse film production company, was born. Fork Films creates and funds social change-driven, nonfiction media, often with women at the center. They believe film has the power to bring diverse communities together when it tells perspective-changing, action-stirring, and powerfully human stories. And you know what? We think they’re right. Fork Films partnered with Big Monocle to revitalize their brand as they entered new, competitive markets. With nine years and several Oscar and Golden Globe award-winning films under their belt, we felt Fork Films deserve a powerful, holistic brand system that’s instantly recognizable, works around the world, and is efficient to execute. Working closely with the Fork Films leadership in several executive workshops, we helped define their brand in design, language, and on the web.


Fork Films


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