Transforming anti-phishing education into snackable social content.

Getting that notification that once again it's time to update your phone or computer never ceases to be annoying. My computer works just fine, you think to yourself, and put off the system update for another day. Unfortunately for such update procrastinators, delaying updates can put users at risk of all kinds of nasty Internet threats. And running system updates regularly is arguably the most important thing you can do to stay safe online. For the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and Intel, there was no more important message get across to Internet users during 2018’s holiday season. But as much updates help us stay safe online, public opinion on the matter, or so it seemed, was all but settled: updates suck. To get the message across to update-skipping users everywhere, Intel and the NCSA needed to make it not only informative, but entertaining to Internet audiences.


The American Banking Association


Brand Identity, Ads, Print Collateral, Web, Video




Phishing scams have become a billion dollar problem for banks across America – especially when it comes to their Millenial and Generation Z customers. Banks want to help their customers avoid getting duped. But there’s one problem: learning about fradulent emails, calls, and texts… is boring.

So where does the younger generation go to find quick tips, DIY tricks, and life-changing life hacks? Social media.

We built a whitelabel campaign-in-a-box with delightfully bold anti-phishing content with that could compete with cute puppies, sandy beaches, and sourdough loaves that dominate younger audiences’ news feeds: #BanksNeverAskThat. Full of snack-size videos, GIFs, printable posters and social-ready tips, it had the power to stop the scroll and teach about phishing — something social media teams for ABA member banks across the country from Wells Fargo to Vermont’s Passumpsic Bank could get excited to deploy under one united banner.

Starting in October, National Cyber Security Awareness Month, more than 1000 ABA member banks shared punchy, bold, and decidedly fresh anti-phishing advice, helping their customers become expert scam spotters. The snack-size tips led to a campaign landing page with deeper anti-phishing education. Daring customers could even prove their mettle by with an interactive phishing quiz and compete for a $1000 cash prize.

We supplied the American Banker’s Association with a ready-to-use media kit, including social media posts with tips and tricks, GIFs, and printables to deploy through their partner’s channels.

A total of 1,675 ABA member banks registered to get the #BanksNeverAskThat campaign kit, making it the largest consumer protection campaign in ABA history. Titans like Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, American Express, and HSCB joined countless regional banks to share the snackable anti-phishing education, while thousands of their social media audiences embraced, and re-shared the education to help their friends take on scammers.

But it wasn’t just banks that locked arms in the crusade: the House Financial Services Committee, state governments, and media like Politico, CBS, and PC Mag were eager to join the ranks.


Because of the major success and feedback received by the general public and their member banks, the American Bankers Association came back for a 2021 extension and refresh of the campaign. To add more interactivity with the campaign, we designed and developed an interactive online quiz-style game to test your scam-spotting skills using real-world text, emails and phone transcripts. We also deployed a refreshed member kit and landing page as well.

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